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1) Service of Process in Los Angeles: Since lawsuits are time sensitive it is essential that legal papers get served immediately. However, at the same time it is important that service is done correctly and not haphazardly by a professional process server in Los Angeles. At By the Book Attorney Service we are able to maintain this balance of ensuring that legal papers are served in a timely fashion while at the same time not compromising efficiency. Furthermore, at By the Book Attorney Service we make sure to provide our clients with status immediately after service or non-service of an Individual. The process servers which we employ are certified, registered, and bonded. 

Our Fees:
  • Los Angeles County Service of Process - $50
  • Orange County Service of Process - $80
  • Ventura County Service of Process - $80
  • Riverside County County Service of Process - $80 
  • San Bernardino County Service of Process - $80

Miscellaneous Fees:
Rush (First Attempt within 24 hours) - $25 
Additional Defendants – $25 
Skip Tracing - $30 
Notarize - $10 
Nationwide Service - $115 
Stakeout - $50 per hour

2) Court Service: In contrast to our competitors who leave documents with the court to be processed at the clerk’s convenience, we hand file every document which doesn’t require submission. Our services include; Standard Filings, Rush Filings, Recording, Delivering, Copy Jobs and Obtaining Certified Copies. Call us to find out about our retainer packages.

3) Courier Service: Need your files transported to their proper destination by our courier service in Los Angeles? We have process servers situated throughout Los Angeles County who can conveniently pick up your documents and bring them to the desired locations. 

4) Nationwide Service: If you have documents which need to be served outside the state of California don’t panic, we’ll serve them for you. Since we are members of NAPPS, we can contact our fellow NAPPS members who are located throughout the United States and have them serve your legal papers. 

5) Skip Tracing: Unable to locate the Defendant you’re trying to serve? No problem, we have sophisticated state of the art technology at our fingertips which can locate the Defendant, as long as his or her name and a form of identification (i.e. date of birth, social security, driver’s license) is provided.

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