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Q) What is a Process Server? 
A) A process server in Los Angeles is a person who delivers legal papers such as; Small Claims, Summons & Complaints,                     Subpoenas, Unlawful Detainers, etc. to the Defendant, or Individual being sued.

Q) What is a Proof of Service? 
A) A Proof of Service is a court form which is filled out once the Defendant, or Individual has been served with the legal papers. After         the Proof of Service is completed it is then filed with the court. A Proof of Service contains information such as; the name of the           person who was served, the location where he or she accepted service, the time and date the defendant was served, and the               description of the individual accepting service. 

Q) What is a Substitute Service?
A) A Substitute Service is when a process server delivers legal papers to an Individual who isn’t listed as one of the Defendants on the     lawsuit, but either resides at the same residence or works at the same company as the Defendant. 

Q) How long does it take a process server to serve legal papers? 
A) The standard time it takes a process server to serve legal papers is 5 to 7 days. However, if a document needs to be served sooner     we can arrange for expedited service. 

1) Same Day Service (First attempt within 24 hours)
2) Rush Service (First attempt within 3 Days) 
3) Routine Service (First attempt within 5-7 days) 

Q) What if a Process Server is unable to serve the legal papers? 
A) It all depends why the process server wasn’t able to serve the legal papers. If the location was a bad address then a new location         needs to be provided. If the Individual is avoiding service then multiple attempts need to be made until her or she is served.

Q) What if I don’t know where the Defendant lives? 
A) There are different ways of locating the Defendant. One method is called skip tracing. The way skip tracing works is the Defendants     name and last known address together with a third piece of information (i.e. Date of Birth, Social Security, or Driver’s License) is           typed into a database and a new address for the Defendant is found.

Q) What is a Stakeout?
A) A Stakeout is when a process server waits outside a residence keeping an eye out for when the Defendant leaves the house and         then serves him or her with legal papers. This can last anywhere between 1 hr. to 4 hrs. depending on how long the client wants. 

Q) How long after the incident happened must I file my lawsuit?
A) This depends on many factors. If your claim is regarding personal injury, then you have two years from the date of injury or from         the date you discovered you were injured. If it is regarding property damage, then you have three years from the date the damage       occurred. If it was a written contract then you have four years from the date the contract was broken. Oral contract, two years from     the date the contract was breached. Fraud, four years from the date you were defrauded. 

Q) Does a process server need to give the Defendant an original document?
A) In most cases a process server doesn’t need to serve the Defendant with the original document. Either a faxed copy or an emailed       copy would suffice. 

Q) Will I be notified when the service of process in Los Angeles is completed?
A) Yes, once service of process is complete you will be notified either by phone or email.

Q) What is your coverage area? 
A) The areas we cover include; Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County.

Q) How much do you charge? 
A) Based on the service requested, the prices can range from $20.00 to $115.00.

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